Closed Calibration Tubes


XIM’s internal squeegee system used to wipe the internal walls of calibration tubes typically used in the seed treatment industry is a safety enhancing addition to the available technology in the seed treating industry.  This squeegee system is available separately or may be integrated into XIM’s closed calibration tube for use in calibrating pumps and flow meters.  This system improves operator safety in that it is closed such that the operator never needs to contact seed treatment chemicals during filling, emptying, or cleaning.  Even if the calibration tube is over-filled, an over-flow outlet will direct fluid back to the treatment container.  At the bottom of the tube is a single 3- way valve for selecting recirculation, fill, and drain modes.  The system is available in fluid ounce or milliliter calibrations.

Customize it!
XIM can customize the system to integrate with your current system as an equipment supplier or as a user.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.