5 Reasons to Hire XIM as Your Consultant

  1. To Make Money:  Whether you need a specialized design, a new product to give you an edge on the competition, a way to leverage your competitive advantage with an innovative new product, a temporary contracted technical expert to fill human resources needs, or the expertise to design a modern and highly efficient production process, XIM has the experience you need to recover your investment in record time.
  2. To Save Money:  One of the great myths in our industry is that consultants are expensive.  Before falling into this trap, consider the following.  First, hiring someone full-time to fill your specialized need is a fixed expense (plus benefits, training, etc.).  Second, finding someone with the degree of experience and competence that a consultant can bring to your organization, and hiring them on a full-time basis, usually costs several multiples of what hiring a consultant for a single project does.  Finally, once the project is complete, so is your expense.
  3. To Bring Specialized Knowledge to Your Business:  XIM brings highly specialized knowledge to your project.  This knowledge is coupled with a broad range of time and experience in the industries we serve.  XIM understands everything from the intricacies of intellectual property, continuous processing, food ingredient interactions, food preservation and food safety, and the value of open innovation and couples this with a broad base of industry relationships and contacts to ensure your projects success.
  4. speed, Speed, SPEED:  XIM is a small, versatile firm.  We are not encumbered with the chains of large and cumbersome R&D departments, corporate bureaucracy, or red-tape.  As your consultant, we bring an open mind and a sharpened vision to your unique needs.  Because we practice disciplined flexibility, we can cut significant time off a project life cycle.
  5. To Provide an Independent Perspective:  The reality of in-house employees is that they know your business backwards and forwards.  That’s a tremendous benefit, but in today’s world, it can also bring drawbacks.  (think forest and trees…)  XIM brings the broad perspective of working for nearly five decades with diverse clientele in the food and feed industry.  This brings you an in-depth understanding of proven practices and methods from parallel industries.  XIM can give you a fresh view-point that you haven’t been able to consider due to your need to focus on your specific business.