Custom Manufacturing

XIM will custom manufacture your parts and assemblies to your specifications.  XIM’s custom manufacturing capabilities are primarily centered around all types of plastics and our customized CNC router can be used to machine and shape parts up to 48 inches X 48 inches.  Components such as acrylic sight glasses for bins and tanks, a variety of machine components, covers, shields, etc. are easily within our capabilities. Machined plastics parts can be paired with molded-on silicone or polyurethane rubber using our purpose-built reaction injection molding system to integrate gaskets and wiper edges right into the plastic parts.  Your assemblies can be completed and assembled by XIM using purchased fasteners, brackets, and plumbing components manufactured either by you or XIM’s network of suppliers.

Get started!
XIM will collaborate with you on your product idea starting at the design phase, or you can come to us with your completed design for manufacturing prototypes for production pieces.  You may submit your own 3D models or drawings, or collaborate with XIM engineers to create a design customized to your needs.


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