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Textbook:  Soy Applications in Food

  • Strahm, B. (2006). Developing and producing protein-enhanced snacks and cereals. Chapter 5 in Soy Applications in Food, M. Riaz, ed. CRC Press.

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  • Strahm, B.  (2006).  Meat Alternatives.  Chapter 8 in Soy Applications in Food, M. Riaz, ed.  CRC Press.

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Article:  The Phase Transition Analyzer™ and its Applications to the Processing of Pet Foods

  • Plattner, B., Herbster, J., and Strahm, B. (2001). The Phase Transition Analyser™ and its applications to the processing of pet foods. Proceedings of Pet Food Forum Europe 2001, October 1-3, Amsterdam, Netherlands, p. 100-107.

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