Reusable containers for superpremium pet food e-commerce?

Customized superpremium home-delivered pet food, especially of kibble, would seem a natural fit for a reusable packaging system.


Remember the good ol’ days when the milkman brought fresh moo-juice to your door every gall-darned day (uphill both ways in the snow)? I don’t, but I sure do see the Amazon driver a lot, and I’ve seen milkmen in the movies. Picture each of them as they walk up to the door and return to their delivery trucks. They both leave something, but only the milkman cleaned up after himself. He took the previous day’s packaging with him. On the other hand, modern-day deliveries result in mountains of plastic and cardboard. Read more.

Wall, T. (2020, March 9). Reusable containers for superpremium pet food e-commerce? Retrieved from

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