Trends in Natural Red Colors for Food Product Development

The rapid transition to natural sources of food colors had many color makers seeing red…in a good way

When food color innovation turned decisively toward nature for its sources of desirable pigments, food color technologists worked overtime to develop cost-effective, clean-label colors. Some shades proved an extra challenge, with stability and fixing being major trouble spots. Red colors figured largely in that task. Read More.

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Protein in Non-Dairy Products

Pour it on! Protein is a key nutritional element in the growing non-dairy sector

Every year, Innova Market Insights releases predictions for the top trends that best capture the mood and direction of the food, beverage, and ingredient industry in the coming year. The revolution in plant-based products has been prominent for the past few years, so it should come as no surprise that several of Innova Market Insights’ Top 10 Trends for 2022 relate to plant-based innovation. Read More

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Ancient grains digestible, palatable as rice in dog food


While the furor over dilated cardiomyopathy has calmed, the repercussions on dog food ingredient choices remain. Ancient grains as pet food ingredients had already grown in popularity before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced an investigation into correlations among grain-free dog foods and occurrence of the disease. Following FDA’s announcement, ancient grains and other alternatives to corn, rice, soy and wheat grew yet faster in popularity as ingredient sources. Read More

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