Hydrolyzed Proteins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Peptides, and Nucleotides Each Play a Role in Improving Health

Alongside the growth of whole ingredient protein, the various parts that make up the molecule are not being ignored


The protein trend has promised to continue at a steady pace, with interest in, and consumption of, plant proteins increasing at record levels. This is due in large part to the rapid expansion in consumer demand for meat, dairy, and seafood analogs. But alongside the growth in protein as a whole ingredient, the various parts that make up a protein molecule are not being ignored. Read more.

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New Approaches to Crafting Foods & Beverages with Appealing Texture

When the texture of a product is finalized developers can begin to fine-tune flavor


According to the International Taste Institute, taste drives 88% of F&B consumer purchase intent, making it the most important attribute for food and beverage products’ success and overshadowing other considerations like price, health and convenience. Yet taste, as the palate perceives it, is not merely a combination of aroma and flavor. Read more.

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Silver carp dog foods rebrand invasive Asian carp

While the fish technically originated in Asia, there is no such species as an Asian carp. A few pet food companies have avoided confusion by focusing on silver carp in their dog food.


Asian carp literally jump into headlines occasionally after one of the fish leaps from the water and slaps a boater, like a Monty Python sketch escaped into the wild. The real problem with Asian carp comes from the competition they present to native freshwater fish and the negative effects that has on fisheries. However, the fish are eaten regularly in their home ranges, and various efforts in the United States have found ways to put the fish on people’s plates. Several pet food and treat companies now use Asian carp in formulations. This helps conservation efforts by creating an economic incentive for harvesting the Asian carp. Read more.

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