Allergy-fighting cat food safe in feeding trials

Cats naturally release an allergen, Fel d1 glycoprotein, in their saliva.


Cat allergies affect an estimated 12.1% of people older than 6, but a cat food ingredient derived from chicken eggs may help those folks embrace felines without sneezing fits. In a feeding trial, 42 cats ate an anti-allergy diet, made using IgY antibodies found naturally in eggs. Scientists with Nestlé Purina PetCare reported no health differences in those cats compared to felines on a convention food after 26 weeks. They published their results in Frontiers of Veterinary Science. Read more.

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What makes pet food market relatively immune to COVID-19?

Pet food, including in Latin America, has two advantages that help prevent deep or long-term economic damage.


Many pet food producers around the world, and particularly in the Latin America region, are concerned with the economic impacts of COVID-19 on their businesses. The massive loss of employment and the rather weak economic stimulus in some countries raise questions as to whether the pet food industry can recover from the pandemic, and when. Read more.

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Pet food industry disconnected from public on byproducts

For years, there’s been a disconnect between the pet food industry and consumers about the value of byproducts.


Just as there are leftovers in the home after a meal, human food production leaves behind nutritious, edible ingredients, Elizabeth Barber, F.L. Emmert Company executive vice president, said (video below). For various reasons, people reject those large-scale leftovers from their own plates. Using human food byproducts, such as yeast from beer brewing, in pet food keeps vital nutrients out of landfills. However, for years, there’s been a disconnect between the pet food industry and consumers about the value of byproducts. Read more.

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