Prebiotics may help older dogs’ guts avoid inflammation

Catering to the needs of older pets’ guts and their microbes may help address some of the declines that come with advancing years.


The surface area of a dogs’ intestines covers more than enough space for a good game of fetch. Among all the interesting snippets of information about pet’s microbiomes, Richard Murphy, Ph.D., research director for Alltech European Bioscience, finds not only the range of microorganisms astounding, but also the size of the gastrointestinal tract’s surface area. All that habitat allows a complex community of bacteria and other organisms to live in animal’s intestines. All that complexity leads to a great deal of variation between species and individuals. Read more.

Wall, Tim. “Prebiotics May Help Older Dogs’ Guts Avoid Inflammation.” Www.Petfoodindustry.Com, Accessed 23 July 2020.

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