Microorganisms in Food Product Development

Little living things are a big ingredient in food and beverage development. 

Kiwi and Chia Seeds Bowl with Probiotic Bacteria

For several years now, pundits have been announcing the arrival of the “insects as food” revolution.  Crickets and grasshoppers, mealworms, and even fruit fly larvae are being celebrated as concentrated, cheap, plentiful protein sources.  Truth?  Americans still are several years away from turning those little critters into mainstream food ingredients. Just look at the popularity plunge of cochineal colorant when its origin from beetles became widely publicized.  Read more.



Murray, Alan. “Microorganisms in Food Product Development.” Prepared Foods, Prepared Foods, 28 Feb. 2018, http://www.preparedfoods.com/articles/121001-microorganisms-in-food-product-development.

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