Specific dry pet food bag trend poses recycling challenges

Recyclable pet food containers have grown in popularity, but transparent windows can make dry pet food bags difficult to recycle.


Environmental sustainability has become an important trend in dog, cat and other foods. With that trend comes consumer demand for recyclable pet food containers. However in the report “Pet Products Packaging Innovation,” Packaged Facts analysts noted that a certain growing trend in pet food packaging conflicts with the ability to recycle pet food containers. Specifically, transparent windows in pet food containers have become popular, but these panels make recycling difficult. Read more.

Wall, Tim. “Specific Dry Pet Food Bag Trend Poses Recycling Challenges.” PetfoodIndustry.com, PetfoodIndustry.com, 20 Aug. 2018, http://www.petfoodindustry.com/articles/7429-specific-dry-pet-food-bag-trend-poses-recycling-challenges.

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