Emerging threat for pet food: red-legged ham beetle

The pest was found in pet food in both Brazil and Turkey in 2019, with previous infestations in Brazil and Europe.


The red-legged ham beetle (Necrobia rufipes) was recorded in commercial pet food for the first time in Paraiba State in northeastern Brazil. Last year, after the pest was discovered in a supermarket in Campina Grande, a sealed 10 kg dog food bag was transported for testing to the Laboratory of Insect Systematics and Bioecology at the State University of Paraiba. Their analysis, published in Entomological News, found over 900 larvae and 500 adult beetles infesting the bag. Read more.

Sipra, H. (2020, February 21). Emerging threat for pet food: red-legged ham beetle. Retrieved from https://www.petfoodindustry.com/articles/8926-emerging-threat-for-pet-food-red-legged-ham-beetle

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