Flours and Starches Derived from Ancient Grains Growing in Popularity

Flours on the Rise: Baked and extruded formulations are benefiting from new flours and starches.

Chia Muffins
A comprehensive selection of flours and starches derived from ancient grains and seeds is increasingly being tapped for products that appeal to consumers seeking foods that are gluten-free or non-GMO, or simply have more healthful profiles. Examples of sources range from amaranth, millet, sorghum, and teff to chia, hemp, and quinoa. Read More

Kantha Shelke PhD, CFS. “Flours and Starches Derived from Ancient Grains Growing in Popularity.” Prepared Foods RSS, Prepared Foods, 13 Dec. 2021, https://www.preparedfoods.com/articles/126370-flours-and-starches-derived-from-ancient-grains-growing-in-popularity.

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