Trends in Certified Food Label Claims

Fast growing non-GMO, organic, and fair trade trends create big opportunities


Foods labeled “Non-GMO,” “Organic,” and “Fair Trade,” once found only in natural food stores, are proliferating in mainstream supermarkets.  Consumers want foods made with fewer, more simple, and natural ingredients – and without genetically modified organisms, pesticides, and difficult-to-pronounce ingredients.  Read more.

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Beneo: Smarter Snacking

Beneo using IFT to showcase healthier snack ingredients


Research shows that snacks have taken center stage among consumers’ preferences.  Ninety-percent of consumers eat multiple times a day and 7% say that they forego meals altogether in favor of all-day snacking (Hartman Group, 2013).  Additionally, every third US consumer says they experience fatigue, (particularly in the morning and afternoon), and rely on in-between-meals to bridge that energy gap to maintain optimal function during the day (Ipsos Research 2016). Consumers also are concerned about artificial ingredients in many food products. Read more.

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Ancient Grains: What’s Old-Is New Again

Ancient grains are popular in cereals, bakery foods, ready meals and snacks

Tart Cherry and Apple Superfood Bites Made with Ancient Grains

So-called “ancient grains” have become featured ingredients in more new products during the past few years. Exactly what are ancient grains?  Read more


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