Ingredient Sourcing in a COVID-19 World

For food and beverage manufacturers, concerns now involve every aspect of day-to-day office management and operations


Effects of the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic were dramatically evident in early March when New Hope Network postponed the annual Natural Products Expo West exhibition in Anaheim. The move immediately impacted an estimated 90,000 attendees and 3,600 exhibitors. Read more.

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Reusable containers for superpremium pet food e-commerce?

Customized superpremium home-delivered pet food, especially of kibble, would seem a natural fit for a reusable packaging system.


Remember the good ol’ days when the milkman brought fresh moo-juice to your door every gall-darned day (uphill both ways in the snow)? I don’t, but I sure do see the Amazon driver a lot, and I’ve seen milkmen in the movies. Picture each of them as they walk up to the door and return to their delivery trucks. They both leave something, but only the milkman cleaned up after himself. He took the previous day’s packaging with him. On the other hand, modern-day deliveries result in mountains of plastic and cardboard. Read more.

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CBD dog treats blamed for pets’ death, illness

Currently, few studies have examined the effects of varying dosages of CBD on dogs and cats.


A woman in Augusta, Georgia, USA, believes that dog treats containing cannabidiol (CBD) caused the death of one of her Chihuahuas and sickened the other, reported CBS affiliate WRDW. The dog owner received a complimentary bag of Happy Tails Calming Treats manufactured by Charleston Hemp Company. Read more.

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