American Key Food Products: Gluten Free, Grain Free

American Key Food Products’ premium cassava flour surpasses 50 million pound milestone


American Key Food Products (AKFP) announced that it has shipped more than 55 million pounds of its Premium Cassava Flour since its introduction in 2011. Read more.

“American Key Food Products: Gluten Free, Grain Free.” Prepared Foods RSS, Prepared Foods, 18 June 2019,

AAK: Functional Fat & Oil Solutions

AAK uses IFT to showcase its technology in a wide range of on-trend applications, including high protein confections, plant-based dairy and more


AAK USA Inc. used the Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting and Food Expo (IFT19) to highlight its expanded portfolio of formulation solutions. Read more.

“AAK: Functional Fat & Oil Solutions.” Prepared Foods RSS, Prepared Foods, 13 June 2019,

TIC Gums: Optimized Formulating

TIC Gums uses IFT to showcase ingredient solutions targeting texture enhancement, protein fortification


TIC Gums introduced new ingredient solutions for texture enhancement and protein fortification at IFT 2019. The company showcased new solutions in three prototypes that tap into some of the industry’s largest trends, including plant-based eating and coffee beverages. Read more.

“TIC Gums: Optimized Formulating.” Prepared Foods RSS, Prepared Foods, 5 June 2019,